Capodimonte Italian Porcelain Overview

People don’t realize just how important Italian pottery and porcelain can be. Now, you wouldn’t think so but porcelain dates back hundreds of years and it certainly can be very valuable and expensive. However, people don’t realize just how important the name Capodimonte really is. This is true Italian porcelain and it certainly has everything to offer with elegance and decadence. What is more, it was first made for European royalty. Want to know more, read on.

How Did It Begin?

Naples King, Charles VII married the King of Poland’s granddaughter who also founded the very first porcelain factory in Europe. It all started in Germany, Meissen to be exact and still creates some of the worlds most gorgeous and delicate porcelain pieces to date. Anyone who wanted fine porcelain went to Meissen as they were truly some of the finest markers in the world and created stunning pieces that were just so exquisite.  The King, Charles VII was fascinated by porcelain and how it was made and that helped to create such a want or need for such things in Europe throughout the years. It’s like handmade Italian dinnerware pieces, very delicate and every bit of care and love goes into making them.

Unique Pieces

Capodimonte is a very well known name and every piece that left the European factory left with a carefully etched symbol on it so that people knew it was made from the royal factory. Of course, the very early pieces did not have any markings of any kind and most people were able to recognize them by their beautiful styles and designs. However, later pieces with the fleur-de-lis were also recognizable. It’s almost like Italian pottery; these pieces are beautiful and well recognizable also. There are so many unique pieces and the troubling thing is that you will not see real quality pieces like the very first models of their kinds from the 17th and 18th century.

Collectors Pieces

Unfortunately most of the oldest Capodimonte pieces are only found within private collections and museums. The reason why is simply because they are treasured pieces and they are not so often seen today. However, later or more modern pieces are very much collectable still and there are many who want authentic and older pieces. Modern pieces are still very popular too but there is real demand for any Capodimonte pieces. Italian dinnerware is in great demand too especially if it’s handmade but no one can deny the Capodimonte pieces are legendary.

Handle With Care

Porcelain is truly unique and yet while you can see some examples of very early pieces from European factories, they are in limited supply. It’s unlikely you will see a real antique show up in stores across the world that is dated to the 1700’s and it’s a real shame. However, there are still many lovely pieces on show in museums around the world. You can enjoy seeing them and even start a collection of more modern day pieces which can still have a lot of charm and character to them. Italian pottery and porcelain are truly collectible and you are going to love their craftsmanship and fine details.