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Capodimonte Italian Porcelain Overview

People don’t realize just how important Italian pottery and porcelain can be. Now, you wouldn’t think so but porcelain dates back hundreds of years and it certainly can be very valuable and expensive. However, people don’t realize just how important the name Capodimonte really is. This is true Italian porcelain and it certainly has everything to offer with elegance and decadence. What is more, it was first made for European royalty. Want to know more, read on.

How Did It Begin?

Naples King, Charles VII married the King of Poland’s granddaughter who also founded the very first porcelain factory in Europe. It all started in Germany, Meissen to be exact and still creates some of the worlds most gorgeous and delicate porcelain pieces to date...

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How to Mix and Match Your Italian Pottery for the Best Results

Italian Pottery

If you are in Italy in person (lucky you!), Or visiting your USA hometown area shop that sells imported Italian pottery, or shopping on the internet, the number of patterns, and the shapes or features offered in any pattern is, for any useful purpose, without end. Also, no matter whether you are new to Italian pottery or a long-time collector, there is always more to learn and talk.

Reputable Source

First, you find a reputable Italian pottery source offering a big cross-section of collections and a variety of products within these collections. They should thankfully answer your questions and enjoyment in offering additional information accordingly you can feel confident in the quality and authenticity of what you purchase...

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