How to Mix and Match Your Italian Pottery for the Best Results

Italian Pottery

If you are in Italy in person (lucky you!), Or visiting your USA hometown area shop that sells imported Italian pottery, or shopping on the internet, the number of patterns, and the shapes or features offered in any pattern is, for any useful purpose, without end. Also, no matter whether you are new to Italian pottery or a long-time collector, there is always more to learn and talk.

Reputable Source

First, you find a reputable Italian pottery source offering a big cross-section of collections and a variety of products within these collections. They should thankfully answer your questions and enjoyment in offering additional information accordingly you can feel confident in the quality and authenticity of what you purchase. How come? Since like many popular, high-quality items, knock-offs of Italian pottery do appear. In addition, realize that descriptions such as Italian design or Italian inspired do not essentially mean Made in Italy. There are reputable non-Italian screen manufacturers who have official markings with an Italian reference.

Mixing and Matching Collections

Italian pottery comes elegant and simple. It also creates bold, colorful, fruitful, dramatic, and surprising detail. Depending on your preferences, you can keep the influence of full-time drama, prefer quiet simplicity, or decide simply one piece added to your existing dinner set or kitchenware is completely perfect. You can also begin with classic shapes and later there are more, bigger pieces more appealing because you get more addicted to your acquisitions.

Process and Investment

These two topics are related in one significant respect. First, Italian pottery can seem expensive to you. If it is authentic, made in Italy, and imported in the United States, the prices are better understood. This is, probably, functional arte – handmade, in a lengthy, centuries-old process. If you use it, show it whether or both your Italian potato is an investment. The pieces (plates, platters, butter dishes, biscotti jars, wine coasters, footed bowls and much) are canvasses for a masterly painting of intricate, centuries-old design and contemporary forms of design.

Use and Care

Understanding the pottery production process and recognizing the value of Italian pottery as arte will assist you to protect your regularly use and care. Whether you love it like I do, the arbitrary execution of this old craftsman in modern-day masterpieces will definitely provide the little extra loving care it needs.

Before you buy, there are positive assurances you need, which reliable Italian pottery sources will always provide:

1.         The pieces are guaranteed to be 100% food safe in line with FDA standards and U.S.A. import rules and regulations for lead and cadmium.

2.         Large decorative pieces that are not intended to have contact with foods are clearly indicated as such.

Although this Use and Care section can seem long, it is not planned to scare you. Actually, if you reread it, you will see that your pottery just needs good old common sense. In doubt, the next question answered exactly: How would I go if this were a Michelangelo sculpture or a Rafael fresco? Failing that, you must contact the online web store, your local shop in your area or the person from whom you purchased your Italian pottery for guidance. Most importantly, enjoy the adventure and pride of the property and using this Italian arte in daily life. Visit for detail: